Getting "Gratitude Fatigue"? Invitation to this new twist!

Even though we all know that the benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless, we can get tired of the same old way of counting our blessings. It can get dry if we just list the things we are grateful for after a while. During the time of giving thanks and throughout the holiday season, I want to invite you to join me in gratitude practice with a little twist that could help it more meaningful. I was inspired by my all-time favorite Marie Forleo and here's how:

1. Pick only ONE: Rather than writing the endless list of what you are grateful for, pick one thing or a person a day that you are grateful for in your life.

2. List THREE: List three reasons WHY you are grateful for. Write them down. Well, the benefits of writing (or typing in your digital device) your gratitude daily has been already explained and proven, so, I will skip it here, but it's important that you actually write them down.

3. Express your appreciation: If it's another person you are grateful for, send a note to express your appreciation, or show her/him your appreciation by your action. It lights up her/his day and deepens your connection with the person if you choose to do so. If it's a thing, do something to take care of it.

I'd love to invite you to join FB group where we can share our experience, thank you notes, gratitude journals, inspirations, and questions! I will keep the space open for us to share till December 6. Join us to share your gratitude practice to keep inspiring each other!

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