Anxiety Release Breathing Exercise

We cannot be avoiding all sources of stress, but we can change the stress responses with simple breathing techniques. The constant stress responses suppress the immune system, and build up tension can cause anxiety and depression. Start one right now with this simple technique.

1) Find yourself in a quiet place, either lying down on the floor with cushions under the knees or comfortable seated position.

2) Place one hand on the chest and the other hand on the abdomen.

3) Notice the movement of the breaths. We will be focusing on the movement of the abdomen. Relax your belly.

4) Exhale, and completely empty out the lungs and gently draw the abdomen in toward the spine.

5) Inhale through the nose with a count of five. Expand your belly, and pose slightly at the top of the inhale.

6) Exhale through the rounded lips like gently blowing out a candle with the count of five and completely empty out the lungs, slightly pose at the bottom of the exhale.

7) Repeat 5) and 6)

Here's the guided meditation video to release stress responses.

I look forward to breathing and flowing with you this week!

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