Kiyomi is a YogaWorks Certified E-RYT 500 teacher and trainer, as well as a KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga.  She teaches breath focused flow class with detail attention to safe alignment respecting individual needs and uniqueness.  She incorporates asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation in her class to encourage students to deepen the understanding of oneself for healing and growth.


Kiyomi was born and raised in Japan, and earned her BA in Tokyo, MA in San Francisco, and began her corporate career in 2001, where she stayed in for almost eight years with yoga becoming her refuge during a busy corporate life.   With her strong desire to understand the healing capacity of this ancient practice more in-depth, she completed her 200-hr and 300-hr teacher training at YogaWorks with Annie Carpenter and Birgitte Kristen in 2007.  In 2009, when some life events pushed her to leave the corporate world with nothing lined up, she took a plunge to pursue her deepest desire to share this transformational practice of yoga with others, and never looked back since.   She continued her study at LMU to complete Yoga Therapy RX, trained with Guru Singh to complete 220-hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and took a Prenatal Teacher Training with Patti Quintero.  She’s assisted 200-hr Teacher Training with Mia Togo, John Gaydos, Heather Seineger, and Annie Carpenter (SmartFlow).


Kiyomi currently teaches at YogaWorks at various locations in LA, brings yoga and meditation practice to corporate offices, as well as leads workshops, training, and international retreats both in English and Japanese.


日本で大学を卒業後、サンフランシスコで修士号を取得しロサンゼルスで2001年より日系会社勤務。8年間の社会人経験中に出会ったヨガはストレスで病んでいた心と体の癒しの場所となる。自分が恩恵を受けているヨガの癒しの能力を理解したいという強い気持ちから社会人を続けながら2007年にヨガワークスにて200時間と300時間の講師養成講座に参加し、Annie Carpenter、Birgitte Kristen によって指導されたトレーニングを終了。2009年に個人的な理由で退社を決意した際に半分諦めかけていたロサンゼルスでヨガ講師になる夢を実現することを決断し現在に至る。その後も学びを深めるため、LoyolaMarymount大学でヨガセラピーを学び、Patti Quinteroからマタニティーヨガトレーニングを受け、Guru Singhの指導のもと220時間のクンダリーニヨガのトレーニングを終了。トレーナーとなるため、ヨガワークス200時間のトレーニングアシスタントをMia Togo, John Gaydos, Heather Seinegerのもとで行い, SmartFlowヨガを創立したAnnie Carpenter のもとで更に200時間のアシスタント行う。


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"Kiyomi has been an essential influence on my yoga practice and journey.  She creates a calm, soothing atmosphere in which to learn and grow.  Whether in a jam packed class or private instruction, her attention to detail, quick adjustments, and gentle instructions are expertly delivered. I am grateful and humbled to say, she has expanded my perspective of yoga, its benefits both on and off the mat in my life, as well as... breath... the broader possibilities of the mind, body and spirit."


Miles Collins


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