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Energize and Balance Yourself for Spring/Breath of Fire tutorial

balance calm focus meditation pranayama spring Mar 20, 2021

Spring is the time of upward and outward growth.  

Our practice can support our effort to align with this energy of growth and renewal.

This week (3/21~3/25), we'll focus on asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), kriyas, meditation, and inner teachings, which complement and balance what's happening outside in nature and inside of us. 


I am sharing some flow sequences, pranayamas, and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas to align ourselves to the Spring's upward and outward energy.  I will also incorporate the movements and pranayama to shake off some sluggishness to balance the early Spring's Kapha (wet and muddy) energy.

In some kriyas, we will be practicing Breath of Fire. It is an energizing, cleansing, and balancing breathing technique. The breath technique can be confusing for someone new, so I made a tutorial video to practice on your own when you need extra energy and focus.   

Benefit of Breath of Fire


1) Strengthens and balances your nervous system. 

According to the researchers, fast pranayama (like Breath of Fire) may help you feel calmer by reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (responsible "fight or flight" stress response.) and increasing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (regulates your "rest and digest" response.) 

2) Supports respiratory function 

According to this study,  "This breathing technique exercises your respiratory muscles. It also helps strengthen your diaphragm, a muscle that fills your lungs with air.  The study also notes that the short exhales help remove secretions from your airway passages, allowing your lungs to take in more air." 

3) Enhances concentration 

According to a study, "Fast pranayama, including Breath of Fire, may enhance brain functions such as memory, reaction time, and attention. It is a good thing since it's a great time to start something new, and we need our focus to get things done!" 

More anecdotal:

4) Release deposits from the lungs and purify your blood

5) Stimulates the solar plexus to generate heat and release natural energy

Safety tips
This breathing technique may be unsafe for some people. You should avoid/or consult with your doctor it if you:

1) are pregnant

2) are on a heavy period

3) have a respiratory infection or disorder

4) have a heart condition

People often feel dizzy or lightheaded while practicing Breath of Fire.  Always listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop and come back to the normal breathing.

If you’re new to pranayama, start from slow  Breath of Fire.   Give yourself time to get used to the pranayama.

I would love to hear about your experience!

Share your experience and questions in a comment below.  


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